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Slurry Tankers

Fast application. Anywhere, any time.

The Nevada range of effluent tankers provides affordable options for dairy farmers, as well as commercial size options for contractors. These top-quality tankers (also known as slurry spreaders) are manufactured in Northern Italy using reputable European components, ensuring reliable operation for many years.

The most common tanker sizes range from 6000L through to 16,000L, with larger models up to 34,000L also available. All tankers feature fully galvanised tanks, heavy-duty Italian vacuum pumps, and large “flotation” wheels to minimise impact on softer paddocks. 

Tanker models 10,000L and larger include the Ezi-Load filling arm with huge 8” tube, allowing extremely rapid loading from a pond-side filling station. The hydraulic control function to lift and lower the arm, open and close the tank valve, and switch the pump between vacuum and pressure, operates from one hydraulic lever. Smaller models can also be equipped with the filling arm on request.

Nevada effluent tankers can travel on-road, and allow for fast application of dairy effluent to paddocks that are a considerable distance from the effluent pond or tank. Loading the tanker with the Ezi-Load system literally only takes a few minutes, and with a uniform spread-pattern diameter of up to 14 metres, it is easy to achieve total coverage on a paddock with several loads. Another benefit is that, unlike other irrigation options, there is no set-up time, so farmers can apply the effluent as and when they choose.

Watch the demo videos for an overview of how these machines work, and click on any of the models below for more details and specifications.


VIDEO DEMO of a Nevada Tanker with Ezi-Load

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VIDEO DEMO of a Nevada Tandem Axle Tanker
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VIDEO DEMO of a Nevada Single Axle Tanker
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MB60EX 6,150L 5.9m 1,850kg 6,500 L/m single drawbar optional
MB80EX 8,200L 6.3m 2,840kg 8,000 L/m single drawbar optional
MB804R 7,900L 6.7m 3,840kg 8,000 L/m tandem axle
MB1004R 10,000L 7.2m 4,780kg 12,600 L/m tandem axle/drawbar
MB1204R 12,800L 7.4m 5,070kg 12,600 L/m tandem axle/drawbar
MB1404R 14,700L 7.9m 5,500kg 12,600 L/m tandem axle/drawbar
MB1604R 16,500L 8.4m 6,000kg 14,600 L/m tandem axle/drawbar
MB20TRIDEM 20,000 8.5m 8,000kg 14,800 L/m tridem axle/drawbar