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Nevada PondBoom

Nevada PondBoom
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Safety comes first with the innovative design of the Nevada PondBoom. Designed to quickly and easily retrieve your effluent pump for servicing or any other reason, without having to venture out onto the pond. The patented design provides a safe way to manage pond pumping by eliminating the significant hazards which currently exist with traditional pontoons.

Here's how it works (click on any of the images to open a larger version)

(1) Pump retrieved for maintenance.

(2) Easy deployment with winch.
(3) Pivots into position at end of boom.

(4) Pump ready to go!


As demonstrated, the Nevada PondBoom has one core function – to allow the quick retrieval and deployment of the pond pump from the safety of shore. This is achieved with a sturdy boom and winch system that also keeps the cable and hose tidy as the pump is retracted. It also removes the need for an oversized pontoon as there is no need for farm workers to enter the pond.


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