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Nevada TurboStir 6000

Nevada TurboStir 6000
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The Nevada PTO pond stirrers homogenise the strongest surface crusts due to the enormous mixing performance of the 3-blade high-efficiency propellers.

Angle adjustment of the stirrer is easily done from the tractor seat, with the hydraulic cylinder and tractor hydraulics. This makes it possible to choose the optimum angle for high-performance mixing in almost any pond situation.

The Nevada TurboStir models are reinforced with welded U-profiles on the main tube. They provide strength and stability when travelling or in use with larger tractors. The bearings supporting the main shaft are slide bearings made of treated wood which has been impregnated with oil under high pressure. The slurry can therefore enter the bearing and helps to grease and cool the shaft at the same time. The durability of the bearings is between 5 and 10 years, depending on the type of slurry and frequency of mixing.

Unmixed effluent causes some paddocks to become overloaded with black nutrient-rich effluent, while others only get an application of water. This is why farmers and contractors prefer using Nevada stirrers to quickly mix their effluent ponds into an even slurry.

TurboStir 6000 Features

  • 6.5 metres long for easy access to ponds.
  • Hydraulic operated angle adjustment.
  • Adjust angle from the tractor seat.
  • NO oil or seals required for main shaft.
  • Reinforced slide bearing keeps shaft turning in tough mixing conditions.
  • Low horsepower requirement.
  • Rapid and extremely efficient mixing performance.

Wheel kits optional extra.

VIDEO DEMO of the Nevada Pond Stirrers (TurboStir 6000)




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