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Effluent Monitoring Systems

Minimise your risk of penalties and fines for illegal discharge of Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE). Smart Farm Systems is an effluent monitoring system for peace of mind irrigation. With a Smart Farm System monitoring your irrigation, if there is a malfunction the system will shut off, avoiding illegal discharge of effluent which can end up in waterways. These systems have been tried and proven in harsh New Zealand farming conditions.

Pond Link Monitor

The Pond Link Monitor includes a high level and a low level probe which are independently set to suit the situation. Once the low level indicator has been reached the irrigator is switched off automatically. This information can then be sent to the controller in the shed or to your computer, allowing you to monitor the level of your pond remotely.

Other applications include an automatic transfer from effluent receiving sump to holding ponds, activated by the high and low level probes which can be set in the hardware or tripped when the irrigator turns off, meaning the sump pump activates and pumps the remaining effluent into the holding pond.

Benefits: Ensures that the irrigator is not run dry and allows flexibility to reset the levels as required.

Travelling Irrigator Monitor

The travelling irrigator monitor automatically monitors the travelling speed of the irrigator using a separate measuring wheel, which then sends vital information back to the control box and will automatically shut down the pump if it stops for any reason, or is moving too slowly. Before you restart the pump you should inspect the irrigator to fix any problems.

The beauty of this system (and all the Smart Farm Systems for that matter) is that it will tell you exactly what is wrong. For the TIM system, an example of what the irrigator faults and shows on the screen are: end of travel, stopped moving, moving too slow or did not move all. It tells you exactly what the problem is: either the irrigator is at the end of its cycle or is moving too slowly – probably due to pulling too much hose, or the hose could be kinked or damaged in some way. This means when you look at the system in the cowshed and realise there is a problem you know exactly what to expect when you get there, so you can have the appropriate tools to rectify the issue.

If you use the monitor correctly and move the irrigator when it has reached the end of its travel, for example, there is no way you will end up with donuts in the paddock due to the pump being automatically shut down if a problem arises. This gives existing owners piece of mind knowing they can take advantage of the lower night power rates by using a timer on their pump. When they reach the shed in the morning and the ‘Stopped by timer’ message is on the screen they know that everything is as it should be. If another message is showing they know there was a problem, but the pump has shut down and all the effluent hasn’t been pumped into one spot giving you the best of both worlds.

Benefits: Easy to install and very simple to operate. Compatible with your existing pump control system.

There is also a monitoring system available for individual sprinklers.


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