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Transfer Pump

Transfer Pump
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Transfer pumps are typically used for moving Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) from a sump/tank to a separator, large holding tank or pond, or a recycling tank for flood washing. These pumps can deliver large volumes in a short time if required, but only at low pressure.

We highly recommend and sell DODA (Italian made) transfer pumps as they have been designed to handle thick FDE on European farms, and can pump from 200 litres per minute up to 4,500 litres per minute.

DODA transfer pumps are specifically designed for pumping thick waste which standard pumps cannot cope with. Rotating chopping knives finely chop solid waste, straw, maize and grass silage. Nozzles can be used to control the volume to the separator, and an optional propeller can be used to vigorously stir waste.

A specially designed pump head allows effortless pumping of large volumes to moderate heads.

DODA Transfer Pump Features:

  • Double chopping system finely cuts all fibrous waste.
  • Non-clogging open impellor design.
  • Tough S.G. iron.
  • Impressive performance - up to 270,000 litres per hour.
  • Directional nozzles to control flow to separators.

Extra Accessories:

  • ULTRA mechanical stirring propeller.
  • Tank mounting brackets.

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