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Solids Separation

Solids Separation
The advantage of separating solids from effluent is that you can use low application sprinklers, avoiding blockages in nozzles, and can reduce wear on the pump. The dried solids can then be spread onto crop paddocks at a later date, as a rich form of fertilizer (with a muck spreader). It is important to have a separator when there are excessive feed pad solids.

Midwest Machinery supplies ISD brand separators, which are designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

The ISD PS Series separator has become an industry standard. Over the past nine years, ISD separators have been installed nationwide and are still in operation today.

PS Series Separator Features

  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Variable back-pressure system adjusts to the range of inputs and creates variable dryness of solids.
  • SEW™ heavy duty motor and gearbox is energy efficient and runs reliably under heavy load.
  • Self-cleaning screen to reduce blocking by hard small particles.
  • Hardened face twin flight auger stands up to years of use.
  • Press Separator Control System.

PS Series Separator Options

  • Out-of-parameter ISD Control System that alerts the user in the event of oversupply, no supply or a blown plug.
  • Electrical board – cabinet, starters and relays.
  • Fully automated PLC-based electrical control

Technical Specifications

PS2500 25,000 L/hr 0.5 mm 1.5 kW, 3.75 amps 165 kg 394 x 578 x 1426mm
PS4000 40,000 L/hr 0.5 mm 3.0 kW, 7.50 amps 275 kg 457 x 603 x 1530mm
PS5500 50,000 L/hr 0.5 mm 4.0 kW, 10.5 amps 385 kg 521 x 758 x 1810mm
PS7000 70,000 L/hr 0.5 mm 5.5 kW, 13.75 amps 425 kg 625 x 731 x 1872mm

These points help determine the required size of a press separator: Herd size, feed pad, size of effluent sump, wash-down volumes, and storage volume requirements.

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ISD PS Series Separator
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