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Hustler Chainless CH4000

Hustler Chainless CH4000
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The 2012 the Series V combines subtle refinement with the original design innovations that have made it New Zealand's No.1 bale feeder for 11 years running. Wider adjustment range means it can handle virtually any size of round or square bale, making it more versatile in more farming situations. Our patented Total Control Loading 2 System ensures safer bale handling and precision placement onto the bale cradle. Because our Total Control Loading System is fully mechanical with single ram action regardless of the tractors hydraulics it works! Without the need for troublesome valves, or special sequencing, and minimal moving and wearing parts our Total Control Loading System is faster, quieter, tougher and more reliable than anything else on the planet with the cool new gas strut to ensure precision re-latching.
Hustler's breakthrough Chainless system has slashed maintenance costs through fewer breakages and much longer service intervals. Now the Series V with an even heavier duty parking jack, stronger drawbar, adjustable height towing eye, more adjustment of the FreeFlow wiper panel, our exclusive heavy duty 60mm square 6 stud stub axles and a new look completes the Series V. With a longstanding tradition of over engineering and smart design behind every machine, this will be the only bale feeder you'll need for a very long time.
  1. SIMPLE AND SAFE DESIGN The innovative Chainless design eliminates feed chains, meaning fewer moving parts. The result is very low maintenance plus simple and safe operation.
  2. ROUNDS AND SQUARES The true square and round balefeeder range found on the New Zealand market today, the Chainless range allows you to feed out virtually any bale you have on hand with ease.
  3. THE FEED SAVE Our Chainless feeders use your feed efficiently; you can infinitely vary the amount of feed flowing over the side by adjusting the speed of either the feed rotors or the tractor speed. Thin for sheep, thick for your dairy heard - no problem with Chainless! Tight core, sloppy balage - no problem with Chainless! The infinitely adjustable bale chamber let you choose the bale pressure on demand from the cab
  4. NO HASSLE ROTORS Designed to tease the bale out rather than simply unroll it, our rotors are self-cleaning, eliminating feed wrapping.
  5. LONG LIFE FEEDBED Our polyethylene feedbed is slippery to reduce bale friction when feeding out and it's also non-corroding, extremely tough and has been proven on 1000's of farms worldwide.
Unique to Hustler more advanced than any other loading system on the market, Hustler’s total control loading II system 'controls' the bale throughout the entire loading sequence, allowing you to safely handle any size of square or round bale. No adjustments, or troublesome valves - just total control!
The Chainless 4000 requires only two sets of double-acting hydraulics as found on most tractors. Our simple valve system splits the hydraulics to power the feed rotors, platform height adjustment and bale loader. This ensures the bale can ONLY be loaded when the platform is down.
FEEDS BOTH ANY BALE TYPE > Feeds rounds and square easily > Doesn’t matter which way the bale goes on > Feeds balage, Hay, Straw, etc
ROTORS > Top rotor turns 3 times faster than bottom rotor - excellent teasing action provides fluffed up windrow reducing wastage > No troublesome feed chains to jamb, stretch or break > Fully enclosed drive transmission protected from damage > Paddles for handling even the sloppiest of bales > Spiral timed teeth for smooth running
TEETH > Rotor teeth release the feed off the taper at the correct point
FREEFLOW WIPER > Prevents long chop bales from jambing > Requires less power to drive due to free flowing design > Adjustable to suit any preference of feeding and allow additional reach
ADJUSTABLE PLATFORM HEIGHT > Infinitely variable bale pressure control from inside the cab allows you to feed out the tightest bale cores or the sloppiest of bales > Built in height guides for easy feeding > Safety latch so operators can't drive out while platform is up > For different bale types blank bars or bars with more aggressive teeth are available
FLOOR > Fully enclosed - no wastage of expensive feed > Polyethylene is impervious to UV, non corrosive, slipery to reduce drag and drive power, easily repairable and very shock resistant > Built in bale guides to keep bales tracking straight
STABILITY > Wide wheelbase enables market leading stability > 60x6 axles are biggest on the market
WEIGHT > Relatively lightweight 980kg. This is achieved by using high grade steel (50% stronger than mild steel) and clever engineering.
EASY LOADING > (Total Control Loading System - Series II) > Fully mechanical - Faster and safer others with sequence valves and now even quieter > Bale stays clean as possible - no digging up dirt, etc > Gentle and accurate placement on the cradle > Minimal wastage as net can be removed over the cradle > Secure during transport > Possible to load a square bale > 2nd bale can be lowered close to the ground for maximum stability
DRAWBAR > Single post for maximum maneuverability > Jack spigot on top also for stowing jack while feeding out > Swivel towing eye with height adjustment > Long drawbar option > Heavy duty jack
CHASSIS > Fully enclosed - stops water getting in and rusting > Lowest point to protect the chain & bars
BALE SECURITY > The high front bar and new rear bale security design means the bale cannot screw off the back or front on hills
LOW MAINTENANCE > Outboard bearing blocks are in a good position to keep clean and greased > Automatic drive chain tensioners mean no adjustment are necessary > self aligining bearings are free running and protected behind drive covers
  • BALE SIZES ROUND: 4’ X 4’ - 6’ X 4’
  • BALE SIZES SQUARE: all sizes up to 8’ long
  • UNIT WEIGHT: 980kg
  • HYDRAULICS REQUIRED: 2 X double-acting,
  • 12-60 litres/min, 2250-3000 psi
  • Wide wheels
  • Tractor grip wheels
  • Mudguards
  • String box
  • Extra tyne
  • Extension kit for bales
  • Over 6’6” long

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