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Fieldmaster GMM Series

Fieldmaster GMM Series
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  • High Stubble with the combiner: Multicut Rotary Mulcher pulverization of stubble remains gives a quicker decomposition. Reducing disease, more humus.
  • Medium Stubble: Cut material lies higher, faster drying. After that pulverization with a Multicut Rotary Mulcher.
  • Normal Stubble: Multicut Rotary Mulcher pulverization for a quicker decomposition of stubble remains and reduces disease.
  • False seedbed: Multicut Rotary Mulcher flails are designed to create a suction effect, which adds dust to the pulverized stubble. On some types of crop an effective projection of waste corn and weeds is obtained
  • Wheel tracks: Multicut Rotary Mulcher helps with the pulverization and distribution of the stubble especially on wide ploughshares where it can be difficult for the combiner to distribute the cut straw.
  • Corn Stubble: An effective pulverization that makes subsequent work on the fields easier prevents the over wintering of pest and grubs.
  • Rape Stubble: By effective pulverization close to the ground and break down remaining rape stubble the rapes waste seed is activated. Reduced fungus, less use of pesticides and a better change of seed.
  • Grass seed: Effective on time trimming in the recommended cut height with a perfect pulverization and distribution.
  • Reduced soil treatment: Multicut Rotary Mulcher gives and effective pulverization and guarantees a quicker decomposition of any remains, reducing disease.
  • Image improvement: As an extra bonus there lays an image improvement as stubble management often gives a reduced use of diesel and pesticides and a better utilization of the plants nutrients.
Multicut Rotary Mulcher is a complete new rotary mower, developed for Stubble Management.

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