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Fieldmaster GMT Gear Mower

Fieldmaster GMT Gear Mower
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The Fieldmaster ’Gearmower’ Pasture Topper, for when the going gets tough!

Designed with smarter Fieldmaster features and built tough from only the best components, Gearmower slices through the toughest, roughest and most uneven pasture. Wet, thick and heavy grass is dispatched with a razor sharp cut, which is then ‘fanned out’ behind.
Also Gearmower topper can be made to ‘windrow’ the cut material, spreading grass (and animal waste) to encourage more growth and thus begin your profit cycle all over!
It's features include high clearance with topping skids, sharp manganese Gold Tips, floating top link and friction slip clutch on the driveshaft - all for the tractor running at 40-180hp.
  • Additional features (optional) include:
  • Rear roller kit (full width)
  • Rear tail wheels kit (pair of two)
  • 'Hot Skids' replaceable skid wear shoes
  • Heavy duty axe flails for cutting light scrub and gorse
  • Centre anti-scalp skids (each)
  • Front or rear safety skirt (fitted) (each)
  • Fully offset models are available on request
Trust Gearmower. Another part of the Fieldmaster range made smarter by people who care that’s the difference!

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