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Furth T500 ATV Fertiliser Spreader

  • Large 500 litre capacity for large ATV's
  • Double skin high wear resistant heavy duty polyethylene hopper with extra wear resistant internal bush.
  • Short shaft length from top of gearbox to agitator inside hopper.
  • Double bearing on shaft to eliminate loading on gearbox.
  • Heavy Duty Italian made gearbox.
  • Spinner plate is dished with adjustable fins for even spreading and even growth.
  • Drawbar is adjustable to keep machine level for safety.
  • Twin bottom exit hole makes for more accurate application of fertilizer granules  onto the spreader plate.
  • Aperture shutter plate is stainless steel for zero maintenance.
  • Heavy duty galvanised frame with a robust adjuster handle and low centre of gravity.
  • Pin drive for longer life, as the fine dust from Causmag destroys clutch engagements.
  • Heavy duty PVC hopper cover.
  • SimpleDrive spinner engagement allows you to Engage/Disengage spinner plate from the ATV seat.
  • Wide wheel base for extra safety.
  • Mudguards.
  • 2 year warranty on all Furth spreaders.

Tyres 20 x 10 - 8
Width 1900mm
Height 1330mm
Throw width 18m at 15km/h (Urea)

Hopper Capacity:
500 litres​
10x 40kg bags (400kg) of Urea
DAP 500kg
Superphosphate 555kg
Lime 680kg

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